Regenerative House

[April 2024]
proposal in progress for / Fund for Regenerative Art. A housing site connector system, to support one initial and many future possible houses, also to replicate and extend across new sites.

Proposal in X thread:

"Creative dwelling prototype/installation, that is exploratorily oriented to Cabin & #NetworkCity kinds of circumstances, needs, vibes? speculative next Cabin "shed room" imagining."

"We could imagine Regenerative House: a progeny, of one initial + many future possible houses, that could grow on same base layer—a specified layout of foundation posts, connectors, services—a "house API". See idea in NewStarterHome 

#RegenerativeHouse #RegenHouse #RegenHome

Below: design for a detachable foundation, onto which a dwelling unit might be trailered and anchored; from David Ludwig, Architect.  

Below: publicity photo from Levitt Brothers, at Levittown, ca 1946, of prefab housing kit components delivered to a pre-poured concrete foundation pad. 

The Levitt's pioneered large-scale "mass production" processes for housebuilding, in which separate teams such as for foundation-pouring would do only that task, and repeat it efficiently across many house sites. 

Below: poster graphic from Square One Villages, Eugene, Oregon, showing a wide variety of small house types used in their Emerald Village project.  

Regenerative House project envisions a similar yet much wider variety of dwelling structures which could all be built on or moved onto and anchored at the initial (and subsequent) site(s). 

working Project Document [access restricted, request from Tim]:

Regenerative House