• Email: tim (at) [preferred way to contact]

  • Phone (voice calls):

    • Generally, I don’t see or pick up incoming phone calls unless scheduled or notified in advance, and I prefer to communicate by text or email; or for meetings, video call (see below). Calls usually go to voice mail, which is transcribed and emailed to me, as are text messages and call notifications.

    • Main number: +1 503 334 1894
      Note: this is a Google Voice, i.e. virtual number. It routes the call to wherever I’ve set it to, which is usually my mobile phone below. This is what I usually give out, and prefer to use, because the account is free, flexible, permanent, and helpful for managing, forwarding, and archiving messages.

    • Mobile, direct number: currently is 971-6**-**** — I don’t generally post or want this posted anywhere publicly, and may switch or cancel the number at any time.
      In some circumstances, I may call or text or reply directly from this number because I don’t have a good Internet connection needed to use Google Voice.

    • Generally I don’t communicate about any business or legal matter, or with media, without a reviewable record of it, preferably in writing, otherwise by recording, unless there is no possible way to do so. Interviews or media contacts, I record, observing any requirements for consent/notification of parties. I try to follow, and request prior agreement, to these guidelines:

  • Twitter: @tmccormick - replying or DMing here is usually a good way to reach me.

  • Video call: Google Meet
    standing, general video meeting link; this is now my usual meeting/call method:

  • Video call: Zoom – link to my “Zoom personal room”:
    This allows 2-person meetings of any length, and larger meetings of up to 40 minutes, since I have just a free basic Zoom account.

    If we’re supposed to be meeting on Zoom, and you don’t have or can’t find the link, this is probably what you want. If you go there any time, it emails me to say that someone’s there; so it’s kind of like a doorstep or porch, I guess.

  • Text/chat: I prefer Signal (+1 503 334 1894), but sometimes use Google Voice text messages, Telegram, Google Chat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc (all of these have weaker security, vs Signal, in my assessment).

  • Media: I am available for interviews, quotes, or background information, but do so in writing, or if it must be verbally, with me recording. I try to follow, and request prior agreement, to these guidelines:

  • PGP Public Key: