Mendocello house

Mendocello is a prototype micro-scale (8ft width x 12ft length x 8ft height), reconfigurable, disassemblable house. I'm designing and building this as another in series of prototypes and homes for myself, 2012-present, as part of Houslets project. See project document in window at bottom or at for full and up-to-date information. 

UPDATE (May 15): Seeking site for this cabin, or garage to build car-trailer mini-Mendocello in!

I'm considering two new components/phases for this project:

a) buying & siting the 8x12-foot cabin on trailer pictured above, same size as planned micro-house, and focusing on adaptable interior design and components first. These might be transferred to a later custom-build 8x12' structure. 

b) building a scaled-down, car-trailer version, in a rented/offered residential garage space. I'm calling this angle 'Mendoviola' — a sub-prototype, and readily car-movable home, to design+build in parallel with, or after, 8x12-foot house. [below: schematic drawing; earlier prototype built in 2016].

SO, I am looking for a) outdoor space to site and live in that cabin; and/or b) garage space to build a car trailer version, and possibly live in meanwhile — in Portland, or metro area, or beyond. 

With the 8x12' cabin, I can be generally off-grid, with a composting toilet and solar/offsite-chargeable power store and mobile hotspot. However, being able to connect to a 120v power and decent on-site wifi would be very helpful. If you may be able to offer or suggest a site, or good people / orgs / networks to ask, please let me know! 

For full and most up-to-date project notes, see project document in window below or here