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Housing advocate, researcher, writer, & project developer based in Portland, Cascadia, & Northern California. About me

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[article for Sightline Institute, September 2023]

A case for agile, self-build and bottom-up options to unlock housing choice … by many means necessary.

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Part of 'Mendocello' house project, protoyping a highly flexible, efficient home system for myself and others.  See Mendocello house page for more info.

Notes and public testimony to Portland City Council, April 19, 2023, on the "Temporary Alternatives Shelter Sites" program. I propose a new initiative, "Portland PAD: Portable Affordable Dwelling" to work with and be funded with TASS & related programs, creating low-cost, rapid-deployable shelters designed to be upgradeable, expandable, & resiteable for types of 'permanent' housing. 
Notes & testimony

Presentation at 2022 National Vehicle Residency Summit (Nov 18-19).
Video and presentation doc

"Housing from the bottom up."

invited presentation to Mental Health Alliance, Portland, Dec 14 2022. See slides.

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