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Housing advocate, researcher, writer, & project developer based in Portland, Cascadia, & Northern California. About me

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[April 2024]
I'm relaunching this open/network book project, which has been gradually developing since 2016 as a sequel to the landmark 2014 Tent City Urbanism, by Andrew Heben, founder of SquareOne Villages, Oregon.

See: Village Buildings project page

proposal in progress [April 2024] for Artizen.fund / Cabin.city Fund for Regenerative Art. A housing site connector system, to support one initial and many future possible houses, also to replicate and extend across new sites. 

See Regenerative House project page

explorations around the iconic Oregon company Pendleton Woolen Mills, which traces to 1863, and its Native American inspired/derived designs.

See project page: Pendleton

[article for Sightline Institute, September 2023]

A case for agile, self-build and bottom-up options to unlock housing choice … by many means necessary.

Read at Sightine web site

Part of 'Mendocello' house project, protoyping a highly flexible, efficient home system for myself and others.  See Mendocello house page for more info.

Presentation at 2022 National Vehicle Residency Summit (Nov 18-19).
Video and presentation doc

Latest posts on X/Twitter : see @tmccormick

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